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Despite countries having to be bailed out, stock markets in chaos and even gold on the slide, the price for mega-rare vinyl remains unaffected by the recession. Collectors are still prepared to go all out to attain those precious artefacts. This list of rarities is only the tip of the iceberg – the Rare Record Price Guide lists over , entries. The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Queen and Led Zeppelin continue to dominate the top branches, but a massive number of new entries from the late 60s and early 70s have now muscled their way onto the hot property ladder. Have you got them? Their second LP sold poorly. This, their third, was released under contractual obligation with no promotion.

How to Determine Value of Vinyl Record?

I also have a theory which goes like this: If I find a record from the early eightees, lets say from the early eightees, dating this dating is also pressed in the early eightees, it will vinyl be written the catalog numbers for cassettes and vinyl records on the right upper corner. Am I right? How can I find this out?

Place any size record on the LOVE turntable record base to scan the vinyl and determine its size. For example, if you want to listen to track 3: you can start.

An album is a collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc CD , vinyl , audio tape , or another medium. The album was the dominant form of recorded music expression and consumption from the mids to the early 21st century, a period known as the album era. The audio cassette was a format widely used alongside vinyl from the s into the first decade of the s.

An album may be recorded in a recording studio fixed or mobile , in a concert venue, at home, in the field, or a mix of places. The time frame for completely recording an album varies between a few hours to several years. This process usually requires several takes with different parts recorded separately, and then brought or ” mixed ” together. Recordings that are done in one take without overdubbing are termed “live”, even when done in a studio.

Studios are built to absorb sound, eliminating reverberation , to assist in mixing different takes; other locations, such as concert venues and some “live rooms”, have reverberation, which creates a “live” sound. With modern recording technology , artists can be recorded in separate rooms or at separate times while listening to the other parts using headphones ; with each part recorded as a separate track.

Album covers and liner notes are used, and sometimes additional information is provided, such as analysis of the recording, and lyrics or librettos. In musical usage the word was used for collections of short pieces of printed music from the early nineteenth century. When long-playing records were introduced, a collection of pieces on a single record was called an album; the word was extended to other recording media such as compact disc , MiniDisc , Compact audio cassette , and digital albums as they were introduced.

An album Latin albus , white , in ancient Rome, was a board chalked or painted white, on which decrees, edicts, and other public notices were inscribed in black. It was from this that in medieval and modern times album came to denote a book of blank pages in which verses, autographs, sketches, photographs and the like are collected.

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Compared to compact discs and digital music, the vinyl record may seem obsolete. Despite this, there is a hardcore group of vinyl enthusiasts who still collect not only new vinyl records, but older ones as well. If you wanted to sell a vinyl collection or get it appraised for insurance purposes, you must first know how old each record is. On very old vinyl, this may not be easy to tell right away. For the collector, there are ways that a vinyl lover can date records to find out their true age and worth.

It is therefore only logical that with the popularity of the vinyl records, the demand in the equipment has also increased. Not all record players are worth a lot of.

The Victor-Victrola Page. Simply click on the question below to be linked to a response. Have an unusual question? Just email us at inquiries victor-victrola. Can I play “vinyl” records on my Victor or Victrola? What kinds of records can I play on my Victrola? I have a lot of old 78 RPM records, what are they worth? What is the difference between a “Victor” and a “Victrola”?

Aren’t all old phonographs called Victrolas? What is an “RCA Victor” phonograph? Why don’t you cover them on your website? I have an Edison or Columbia or Pathe or Sonora, etc.

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Return to : Columbia Records Overview. Skip to : Columbia Matrix Codes. Last Update: April 13, — Additional evidence on cover manufacture for Columbia. No, really. Not deep groove. The matrix confirms the cutting source as tape mix 1.

Return to: Columbia Records Overview Skip to: Columbia Matrix Codes THE LJC at the 6 o’clock position above the circled “LP” is the “Magic Notes” symbol, a First editions and re-issues on the “Columbia all round” red label, date from.

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How much are DOORS vinyl records worth?

The device is specifically designed to provide the same engagement with the record grooves as any high quality audiophile record player. It only weighs 16 oz g and the record bases only weighs 8 oz g. You can bring it everywhere. Its record bases fit perfectly on any flat surface in your home. Through the LOVE app, you can get access to an extensive database of artists and information. Get access to a vast amount of information.

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Do you have stacks of old vinyl records packed away or collecting dust on your shelf? Ever wonder if your vinyl records are worth anything? We enlisted the help of three experts to show you which are the most valuable records in the world, how to find record values, and where to sell records so you can cash in on your old vinyl. Phone To Sell? More than 20 years ago, Marshall was browsing a record store when a young boy came in with a box of records to sell.

His collection grew during a year career in radio, when he would save promo records that flooded the station. Credit: Long Live Vinyl.

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Sales of their digital music is mostly old phonograph links dating or pressed vinyl lp of his records. I’ve sold quite drastically. Stay up. Log in releasing soundtracks and worth. Standard vinyl destination: single vinyl with the needle.

QUESTIONS ABOUT RECORDS. Can I play “vinyl” records on my Victor or Victrola? What kinds DATE OF MANUFACTURE OR AGE OF MY PHONOGRAPH.

Historically, most records are black, probably because black vinyl is relatively inexpensive compared to other colors of vinyl and possibly because the dark colors might help obscure any impurities that might be in the compound. The reasons for this had to do with both cost and with quality control. When you use different types of materials and different sources, you can make sure that all of your finished product looks the same by adding substances to make them look black.

Colored vinyl records have long been popular with collectors and they usually command a premium price on the collector market. Click here to view our selection of colored vinyl records. The earliest examples of colored vinyl records date to , with the introduction of Blue Amberol cylinders by the Edison company. These cylinders, which were more durable and had longer playing time than the earlier versions, used celluloid that was dyed blue in order to make them stand out in the marketplace.

In about , the then-new Vocalion records pressed colored vinyl records in the form of a reddish-brown, mostly to distinguish their products from others in the marketplace.

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The Submission Form is designed to capture all sorts of information, a lot of which is required to identify a release as unique, but some of which can be hard to find if you’re new to contributing. This guide will show you where to find all the information you need to make complete and correct Vinyl record submissions. Obviously the records you’re contributing will have some differences to the examples provided below.

If you’re new to Submitting stick to the required fields only.

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Beginning in , Columbia Records continued development of this technology. Peter Goldmark and his staff undertook exhaustive efforts to address problems of recording and playing back narrow grooves and developing an inexpensive, reliable consumer playback system. The EP discs typically emulated the playing time of the former 78 rpm discs, while the LP discs provided up to one-half hour of time per side.

In late , a system of cutting and playing back stereo was devised and generally accepted by the industry. Consumer acceptance of stereo LPs was somewhat cautious initially but grew steadily during the early s, and the industry largely discontinued production of conventional monaural LP records and playback equipment by Similarly, the introduction of high-quality but expensive quadraphonic four channel reel-to-reel tapes and 8-track tape cartridges in led to the introduction of quadraphonic vinyl records, which arrived on the market in Although public interest was initially high, the lack of compatibility between the three competing SQ, QS, and CD-4 formats prompted the eventual commercial failure of quadraphonic LP records.

Most record companies stopped producing quadraphonic LPs after although a handful of classical-music titles continued to be issued until During the early s, a cost-cutting move towards use of lightweight, flexible vinyl pressings. Marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex process, much of the industry adopted a technique of reducing the thickness and quality of vinyl used in mass-market manufacturing. During the late s and s, the use of highly advanced disc cutting equipment to improve the dynamic range and reduce inner-groove distortion of mass-produced records, using techniques marketed as the CBS Discomputer and Teldec Direct Metal Mastering.

Although replaced by digital media such as the compact disc as a mass market music medium, vinyl records continue to be manufactured and sold in the 21st century. Historically the most common formats are:. The sound quality and durability of vinyl records is highly dependent on the quality of the vinyl used.

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